Top 6 Spring Break Things to Do Near Lake Whitney

Center your Spring Break trip here at Arrowhead and take advantage of all that the area has to offer.

1. Wildflowers are beginning to bloom; bring your camera and capture the kids in a beautiful backdrop.
2. Visit the Waco Zoo
3. Visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Park
4. Rent a pontoon boat and tour the lake.
5. Hike the shore. Spring is the perfect time for comfortable hiking. You can hike right here at Arrowhead, or at two nearby parks.
6. Game night with the kids! Use your Spring Break time to relax and spend time playing with the kids.

Lake Whitney Water Levels

It seems like we fight a never ending battle with the media. Whether it's low water, high water, or just right water, the press always wants to use scare tactics to create a story. Here are the facts:

1. The lake levels are not in any way too low for boating on the lake. Current levels can be seen at . Today we are 11.5 feet below normal, but there is still 90 feet of deep water on our end of the lake.

2. We see levels of 11-13 feet below normal almost every summer. Our guests have been launching boats and we have been renting our boats with no difficulty at all.

3. Keep in mind that Lake Whitney originally was built for a level much lower than the current normal. What that means is that in some places there are ramps that "reappear" as the level goes down.

4. Lower water gives a unique opportunity to explore the shore on foot. Hiking is now possible from our resort all the way to Lofer's Bend park more than a mile to the west and well into the Towash Creek area to the east.

CBS Confirms that Cabin "Camping" Brings Families Together

---Arrowhead cabins on Lake Whitney are a little more informal than the family camp in the CBS video. We don't offer organized activities, but there's plenty to do here from basketball to shuffle board, to hiking the lake shore. Reconnect with your family now.
See our New Fall Rates

Plan a Mini-Vacation at Lake Whitney

Think sunsets, cooler nights, and spending quality time with the ones you love. Fall is the perfect time to rent a cabin on Lake Whitney.  The lake is quieter, the fish are biting, and the temperatures are perfect.

Why choose Arrowhead cabins on Lake Whitney for your vacation over a lake house rental?
  • Onsite hosts
  • Onsite boat rentals
  • Direct access to the lake, not down the street, or through someone's yard
  • Cabins to fit every size family grouping
  • Capacity up to 60 for family reunions
  • RV sites so your family members with RV's can stay right here with you
  • We're the quiet place on the lake
  • No worries about the quality of the neighborhood
  • Your boat can stay in the water, securely beached on our shore
  • 22 wooded acres to enjoy
  • Wildlife
  • Hiking
  • 16 years of experience in helping your family create Lake Whitney memories!

Waco's Hawaiian Falls Water Park Discounts

Summer is almost over and there are NO excuses for your child to go back to school without experiencing the fun at Hawaiian Falls Waterparks! 

Include a visit to the Waco Hawaiian Falls in your Lake Whitney cabin vacation getaway.

We make it easy and affordable – FREE tubes and life jackets, FREE parking,  and coolers ARE allowed! 

Visit for regular park hours and more details! Hawaiian Falls Waterparks. Your park. Your family.

It's Not All About the Lake

I've been thinking about what goes through people's minds when they think of visiting Lake Whitney. If you found this site because you were looking for a place to fish or ski then you obviously had a lake in mind from the start of your search. If however, you stumbled across Lake Whitney as simply a getaway then you may be feeling some nagging questions about why you should choose Lake Whitney as your destination if you don't even own a boat and wouldn't know one end of a fishing pole from another.

The answer is simple: it isn't all about the lake. It's about beautiful scenery, quiet mornings, and a sky full of stars that you can't see in the city. It's about peacocks, horses, and purple martins. It's about letting your kids feel the mud squish between their toes at the edge of the water or struggle to find the perfect stone to skip across the lake. It's about having a nice dinner without the traffic headaches of getting there. It's about romance. But most importantly, it's about connections. What you'll find here is a unique place to connect with those you love and with nature in a way that leaves only one nagging question unanswered. When can we come back?