Why Choose a Resort?

We know you have choices when you vacation at Lake Whitney. There are several "Mom & Pop" resorts on the lake, a bed & breakfast, a marina with cabins, and lots of private homes for rent. One of those private homes is just around the corner from us and we recently had the opportunity to visit with the people who rented it for a weekend. Here's our take away from those conversations:

1. When you rent from someone (or perhaps a rental agent) ask them if they live at Lake Whitney. If they don't, how can they possibly know ALL the ins and outs of where to find the goods & services you may need during your say.
2. Ask tough questions about lake access and lake views to make sure that they aren't stretching things a little. Does lake access mean walking 3 blocks then cutting through someones yard to get to a cliff overlooking the lake? Does lake view mean with a telescope from the upstairs bedroom window on a clear day in winter when the trees are bare?
3. Ask how the neighborhood is, or better yet, try to see for yourself by using Google Earth or Google Street View. Will you feel safe?
4. Ask if they support the Lake Whitney Community. Are they members of the Chamber of Commerce? Do they pay proper hotel taxes to the state and county? If not, why not?
5. Call one of the resorts on the lake and ask if they have comparable accommodations and ask if they price match. It never hurts to ask.
6. If you choose to stay at a private home, don't expect to use the facilities of any nearby resorts. We'll be happy to sell you ice, rent you boats, and show you what you missed by not staying here, but our pools and grounds are for our paying guests.

Lake Whitney resorts ALL have lake access, and ALL have on site staff to give directions, answer your questions, maintain security,  and help make your stay at the lake more enjoyable.

We'd appreciate it if you'd keep us in mind when you plan your next trip.

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