Missing Crystal

This is an incredibly hard post to write. Two weeks ago our sweet miniature horse Crystal lost her life in a tragic incident. Dixie survived, but lost her right eye. We know those of you who have experienced the joy these two sweet horses have brought will share our grief. Rather than focus on the incident, we choose to move forward by reveling in the wonderful memories we have of Crystal.
She came to Arrowhead ten years ago. She was literally dumped here by someone who could no longer care for her. She fit into our family instantly and quickly began entertaining children staying at the resort. Alyssa taught her tricks like giving kisses, counting with her hoof, and standing on her hind legs. As long as she could engage in her favorite pastime, eating, she would allow children to love on her, lead her around, braid, brush, paint and tie bows in her hair. She was a good sport, no matter what. She has been photographed wearing feathers, party hats, reading glasses, reindeer antlers, and glitter paint.

In 2008 we got Dixie as a companion for Crystal. Dixie quickly figured out that as long as she remembered that Crystal was the boss, life here was pretty good.  Where Crystal was prim, proper, and always clean, Dixie got the nickname of “Dirty Dixie” from the kids who have helped rake mud off her coat every time it rains.

Dixie is recovering from wounds that were initially life-threatening. She is adapting to life without her buddy and with limited vision. Once she has recovered we think she will be back to her old entertaining antics, including rolling in the mud.
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Brenda and Fred said...

Dixie, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon.